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The Equal Employment Advisory Council (EEAC) is a nonprofit employer association founded in 1976 to provide guidance to its member companies on understanding and complying with their EEO and affirmative action obligations. EEAC today is comprised of more than 300 major corporations and is staffed by experienced lawyers and HR professionals with in-depth knowledge in handling EEO and affirmative action compliance issues. (More..)

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EEAC's weekly memoranda - our signature member benefit - analyze and provide practical guidance on important regulatory, legislative, judicial, and policy developments affecting company equal employment opportunity and affirmative action compliance programs.

Posted July 25, 2014:

14-148 President Obama Issues New Executive Order Amending E.O. 11246 To Bar Federal Contractors From Discriminating Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity; Affirmative Action Obligation Also Applies
14-149 2014 EEO-1 Filing Season Officially Underway; Filing Options Are Essentially Unchanged From Last Year
14-150 Princeton HealthCare Settlement Underscores EEOC’s Ongoing Campaign Against Leave Policies That Fail To Accommodate Disabled Workers
14-151 Favorable Ruling by D.C. Circuit in Kellogg Brown & Root Confirms Lawyer-Directed Internal Investigations Are Protected From Disclosure Under Attorney-Client Privilege
14-152 Fifth Circuit, Ruling For A Second Time in Fisher v. University of Texas, Once Again Upholds UT’s Race-Conscious Admissions Program
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Federal regulations enforced by the EEOC and the OFCCP require that certain employers be able to identify the race, ethnicity and gender of each employee and, in the case of covered federal contractors, each applicant as well.
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OFCCP's 503/4212 regulations went into effect March 24, 2014! Our new web workshop series is designed to help EEAC members implement their new compliance obligations for affirmative action plans for covered veterans and persons with disabilities. Please join us!

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Did you know that federal contractors with OFCCP-mandated affirmative action plans for plan years effective on or after January 1, 2014, will be required to use the new 2006-2010 Equal Employment Opportunity Tabulation data (the "2010 Special EEO File") in their AAP availability estimates? EEAC's recently released LaborForce 2010™ allows users to mine the 2010 Special EEO File to access, analyze, export, and print the detailed statistics necessary for affirmative action planning. Please see http://eeac.org/LaborForce2010 for additional product information and http://eeac.org/Order-LaborForce2010 to order.


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