CWC's Comp AuditorŪ II Software

1.What security does the product have?
Comp Auditor® II Access® databases holding the data can be saved to a network share with the appropriate permissions. Your company's data security policy can then dictate the specific rules of access to the file.

2. What data fields can be imported?
The data to import is entirely up to the user. Most company's have their own company specific data and Comp Auditor® II allows for this. Your Compensation or HR Specialist can give you specific information about your company's system.

3. Is there a backup and restore mechanism built into the software?
Comp Auditor® II Access® databases should be treated like another database and should follow you company's guidelines in regards to backing these types of files up.

4. What are the Client desktop requirements of the software?
Intel Pentium 233-MHz or faster processor (Pentium III recommended)
128 MB of RAM or greater
260 MB of available hard-disk space
CD-ROM or DVD drive
Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher-resolution monitor
Microsoft Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows® XP, or later
Microsoft Office® 2000 or later
Help functionality requires Internet access

5. What happens if a regulation changes? Will EEAC provide updates?
Any upgrades to the Comp Auditor® II will be made available to authorized licensees at no additional cost.









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