Does EEAC Provide Compliance Consulting Services?

Given EEAC's concentrated focus on EEO, affirmative action, employment verification, and other workplace compliance-related issues, we sometimes receive calls from member company representatives asking if we can recommend outside consultants. Our callers often are surprised to learn that many of EEAC's own staff experts are available on a fee basis to perform direct consulting services to assist a company with affirmative action program compliance, including AAP outsourcing, compensation analysis, and audit assistance; I-9 and E-Verify implementation assistance; and internal investigations of workplace misconduct.  Although EEAC itself, as a nonprofit corporation, cannot give consulting advice to a member on a company-specific compliance matter, the experts who staff EEAC can be retained through a separate entity created in 1990 to serve that purpose.

Employment Advisory Services, Inc. (EASI) is a consulting firm formed specifically to permit a company to retain an EEAC expert or team of experts to perform direct consulting services. The customized compliance services available through EASI are tailored to meet each client's specific needs consistent with all applicable government requirements.

There is no direct connection between EEAC and EASI other than the overlap in personnel. EASI's consultants are retained on a fee basis directly by the client company, and EEAC does not provide any financial support to EASI. In addition, membership in EEAC neither obligates nor entitles a member company to use EASI's consultants. Rather, EASI simply is there as an option when a company is interested in retaining one of our talented experts to assist with a compliance-related matter.

More information about EASI can be found on-line at, or by contacting EASI Administrator Denise Rhoden at 202-629-5660 or via email at

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