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11/22/2017 17-250 Use of Biometrics by Employers Is Getting Increased Attention From Plaintiffs’ Lawyers, Highlighted by Slew of Class Action Lawsuits Recently Filed Under Ten-Year Old Illinois Law More >>
11/22/2017 17-249 American Airlines and Its Regional Carrier Settle ADA Failure-to-Accommodate Lawsuit Brought by EEOC for $9.8 Million Along With Extensive Programmatic Relief More >>
11/22/2017 17-248 Employee Advocacy Groups Sue OMB in Attempt To Get Order Reinstating Expanded EEO-1 Report More >>
11/22/2017 17-247 EEOC’s FY 2017 “Performance and Accountability Report” Shows Significant Drop in Charges Filed, Allowing Agency To Make Major Progress in Reducing Its Charge Backlog More >>
11/17/2017 17-246 Recent Case Illustrates Risks Employer Can Incur in Docking Employee’s Pay To Cover Losses Caused by Negligence or Misconduct More >>
11/17/2017 17-245 Federal Procurement Code Amended To Remove References To Obama-Era “Blacklisting” Rule More >>
11/17/2017 17-244 Labor Department Issues Final Regulations To Implement “HIRE Vets Act” Medallion Program More >>
11/17/2017 17-243 U.S. Senate Confirms Management Attorney Peter Robb as New General Counsel of the NLRB; Expansionist Legal Interpretations of Former GC Richard Griffin Are Likely To Be Pulled Back More >>
11/17/2017 17-242 CWC’s Primer on Proactive Harassment Prevention and Risk Mitigation Strategies More >>
11/10/2017 17-241 Turnabout Is Fair Play?: North Carolina Governor Issues Executive Order Barring State Contractors From LGBT Discrimination More >>
11/10/2017 17-240 Once Again Invoking Congressional Review Act, Congress Repeals Controversial Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Anti-Arbitration Rule More >>
11/10/2017 17-239 House of Representatives Approves Legislation To Establish Joint Employer Standard Under NLRA and FLSA, Scaling Back Expansive Interpretation Adopted by Obama-Era NLRB More >>
11/10/2017 17-238 MEMBER FEEDBACK REQUESTED: EEOC’s New Online Inquiry and Appointment System Now In Effect Nationwide More >>
11/10/2017 17-237 OFCCP Settlement Update: Latest Cases Show Continuing Focus on Compensation and Steering Claims More >>
11/10/2017 17-236 CWC Files Brief with En Banc Seventh Circuit in EEOC v. Union Pacific Urging Court To Overturn Troubling Panel Ruling Allowing EEOC To Resume Charge Investigation After Trial Court Finds No Violation More >>
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