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11/21/2014 14-235 New Massachusetts Paid Sick Leave Law Among Employment-Related State Initiatives Approved by Voters in 2014 Election More >>
11/21/2014 14-234 Ruling by Seventh Circuit in Kauffman v. Petersen Healthcare Reinstates ADA Lawsuit; Court Declines To Defer to Employer’s Judgment as to Job’s Essential Functions More >>
11/21/2014 14-233 Two Recent ADEA Rulings by 8th Circuit Provide Examples of How Age-Related Stray Remarks Can Impact Validity of Age Discrimination Claims More >>
11/21/2014 14-232 OFCCP Mails First Round of “Advance Notice” Letters Flagging 2,500 Contractor Establishments for FY 2015 Compliance Audits More >>
11/14/2014 14-231 New Deputy Director Appointed at OFCCP More >>
11/14/2014 14-230 NLRB Rules in Richmond District Neighborhood Center That Employees’ Profanity-Laced Rant Crossed Line Into Insubordination, Lost Protection of the Law More >>
11/14/2014 14-229 EEOC Broadens Attack Against Corporate Wellness Programs by Suing Honeywell, but Court Denies Agency’s Request for Preliminary Injunction More >>
11/14/2014 14-228 EEOC Publishes Fact Sheet on LGBT Discrimination Issues Under Title VII More >>
11/14/2014 14-227 EEAC “Talking Points” Guide for Preparing Front Line Managers on Rollout of OFCCP’s New Disability Self-Identification Form CC-305 More >>
11/7/2014 14-226 California Enacts New Law Imposing Joint Wage and Hour Liability on Employers That Use Contract Workers More >>
11/7/2014 14-225 Sixth Circuit Rules in Sherfel v. Newsom That Federal Pension Law Preempts Conflicting State FMLA Law More >>
11/7/2014 14-224 The New VETS-4212 Report and How It Will Impact OFCCP Recordkeeping Requirements More >>
11/7/2014 14-223 EEAC’s Brief to U.S. Supreme Court in Young v. UPS Argues That Title VII Does Not Require Preferential Treatment for Pregnancy-Related Conditions More >>
11/7/2014 14-222 OFCCP Announces 60-Day Extension of Deadline for Filing Comments on Agency’s Proposed “Equal Pay Report” More >>
10/31/2014 14-221 EEAC’s 2014 Fall Compliance Conference Highlights More >>
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