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8/29/2014 14-177 “Ban-the-Box” Update: Six States Now Have Laws Restricting Private Sector Employers From Asking About Criminal History on Employment Application Form More >>
8/29/2014 14-176 FMLA Ruling by Third Circuit in Lupyan v. Corinthian Colleges Shows Risk of Reliance on the Venerable “Mailbox Rule” More >>
8/29/2014 14-175 Department of Defense Updating Its Regulations Regarding Agency’s Duty To Inform Service Members of Their USERRA Rights More >>
8/29/2014 14-174 Two Contractors Continue To Pursue Court Challenges to OFCCP’s Constitutional Authority More >>
8/29/2014 14-173 EEOC Sues Orion Energy Systems, Inc., Alleging That Company’s Wellness Program Violates the ADA More >>
8/22/2014 14-172 New Survey Shows That Large Majority of Big Companies Now Offer Full Array of Benefits to Legally Married Same-Sex Couples More >>
8/22/2014 14-171 Sixth Circuit in Killion v. KeHE Distributors Draws Distinction Between FLSA Class Waiver in Arbitration Agreement (Okay) v. Severance Agreement (Not Okay) More >>
8/22/2014 14-170 With New Overtime Regulations on the Way, House Subcommittee Holds Hearing To Air Wage and Hour Enforcement Issues More >>
8/22/2014 14-169 Latest Annual USERRA Enforcement Statistics Show Continuing Decline in Complaints Filed More >>
8/22/2014 14-168 New OFCCP Directive Bars Contractors From Discriminating on the Basis of Gender Identity, Effective Immediately More >>
8/15/2014 14-167 Labor Department Promises Increased Training for Wage and Hour Investigators After Court Criticizes Agency’s Enforcement Tactics More >>
8/15/2014 14-166 OFCCP Posts New FAQs on Employer-Employee Relationship To Provide Guidance to Contractors on Who Must Be Included in an AAP More >>
8/15/2014 14-165 NLRB Strikes Down Employer’s Data Protection Policy, Finds It Interferes With Workers’ Labor Law Rights More >>
8/15/2014 14-164 EEOC Asks for “Emergency” Extension of EEO-1 Report Pending Final Action on Commission’s Request for Three-Year Extension More >>
8/15/2014 14-163 OFCCP’s Proposed New Equal Pay Report Now Available for Public Comment More >>
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