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9/19/2014 14-192 Bipartisan Senate Bill Would Give Federal Tax Credit to Employers Who Provide a Minimum of Four Weeks of Paid Family and Medical Leave More >>
9/19/2014 14-191 President Obama Nominates U.S. Justice Department Lawyer Charlotte Burrows To Fill EEOC Vacancy More >>
9/19/2014 14-190 OFCCP’s Proposed Equal Pay Report and How the Agency Will Use It To Develop “Objective Industry Standards” More >>
9/19/2014 14-189 EEAC’s Brief to Supreme Court in Mach Mining v. EEOC Argues That Courts Have the Authority To Review Adequacy of EEOC’s Title VII Conciliation Efforts More >>
9/19/2014 14-188 OFCCP Proposes Regulations To Implement New Obama Executive Order Prohibiting “Pay Secrecy” Policies More >>
9/12/2014 14-187 OMB Approves OFCCP’s Revised Complaint Form CC-4 More >>
9/12/2014 14-186 First Merits Ruling by Federal Trial Court in “Mini-Dukes v. Wal-Mart” Cases Finds No Evidence of Discrimination More >>
9/12/2014 14-185 Sixth Circuit Agrees To Rehear Problematic Decision in EEOC v. Ford Motor Co. in Which Panel Ruled That Allowing a Worker To Telecommute at Her Own Discretion Can Be an ADA Reasonable Accommodation More >>
9/12/2014 14-184 OFCCP Seeks OMB Approval for Additional Enhancements to New Disability Self-Identification Form CC-305, Including More Translations and Drop-Down Menu More >>
9/12/2014 14-183 EEAC Files Comments With OMB on OFCCP’s Proposed New “Equal Pay Report,” Recommends Less Burdensome Alternative More >>
9/12/2014 N14-14 Organizational Risk Management Track in Focus at EEAC’s 2014 Fall Compliance Conference, October 22-24, 2014 in Denver, CO More >>
9/5/2014 14-182 Title VII Marks 50th Anniversary More >>
9/5/2014 14-181 Seventh Circuit Rules in Malin v. Hospira That Three-Year Gap Between Protected Activity and Adverse Action Did Not Doom Unlawful Retaliation Claim More >>
9/5/2014 14-180 New Report by National Safety Council Documents Problem of Prescription Opioid Abuse in the Workplace More >>
9/5/2014 14-179 President Obama Designates Jenny Yang As New Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission More >>
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