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12/24/2014 14-259 Common Sense Ruling by Ninth Circuit in Curley v. City of North Las Vegas Upholds Termination for Workplace Violence Threats Despite Plaintiff’s ADA Claims More >>
12/24/2014 14-258 Ruling by DC Circuit in ABC v. Shiu Rejects Construction Association’s Legal Challenge to OFCCP’s Revised Section 503 Regulations More >>
12/24/2014 14-257 EEAC’s Comments to OFCCP on Proposed “Pay Talk” Anti-Retaliation Rule Recommend Changes To Improve Implementation More >>
12/24/2014 14-256 EEAC’s Brief to Second Circuit in Sterling Jewelers Argues That EEOC Failed To Comply With Its Title VII Pre-Lawsuit Investigation Requirements More >>
12/24/2014 N14-16 EEAC 2015 Annual Meeting and Policy Conference, March 25-27, 2015, Washington, DC
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More >>
12/19/2014 14-254 Final FY 2015 Government Spending Bill Provides Only Minimal Funding Increases to OFCCP and EEOC More >>
12/19/2014 14-253 New Obama Immigration Directive Will Allow Undocumented Parents of U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents To Obtain Work Authorization More >>
12/19/2014 14-252 EEAC’s Model Template for Demonstrating Assessment of Personnel Processes With Respect to Individuals With Disabilities and Veterans More >>
12/19/2014 14-251 OFCCP Posts New FAQs Addressing “Partial Year Data and Analysis” Issues Under Revised Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing More >>
12/12/2014 12-250 San Francisco Enacts First-in-Nation “Predictable Scheduling” Law for Retail Workers
Unscrupulous lenders will verify pay
More >>
12/12/2014 14-248 Latest Federal Agency Regulatory Agendas Reflect Another Active Year Ahead
Unscrupulous lenders will verify payday loans households today.
Unscrupulous lenders will ver
More >>
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