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8/15/2014 14-167 Labor Department Promises Increased Training for Wage and Hour Investigators After Court Criticizes Agency’s Enforcement Tactics More >>
8/15/2014 14-166 OFCCP Posts New FAQs on Employer-Employee Relationship To Provide Guidance to Contractors on Who Must Be Included in an AAP More >>
8/15/2014 14-165 NLRB Strikes Down Employer’s Data Protection Policy, Finds It Interferes With Workers’ Labor Law Rights More >>
8/15/2014 14-164 EEOC Asks for “Emergency” Extension of EEO-1 Report Pending Final Action on Commission’s Request for Three-Year Extension More >>
8/15/2014 14-163 OFCCP’s Proposed New Equal Pay Report Now Available for Public Comment More >>
8/8/2014 14-162 Ruling by Second Circuit in Abrams v. DPS Illustrates Why Basing Employment Decision Simply on “Not a Good Fit” Can Be Hard To Defend More >>
8/8/2014 14-161 President Obama Nominates David Lopez To Serve Second Term As EEOC General Counsel More >>
8/8/2014 14-160 2014 VETS-100/100A Filing Season Now Open More >>
8/8/2014 14-159 President Obama Issues New Executive Order Requiring Companies Bidding on Federal Contracts To Report Labor Law Violations More >>
8/8/2014 14-158 OFCCP Officially Proposes New “Equal Pay Report” More >>
8/1/2014 14-157 Decision by Seventh Circuit in Gienapp v. Harbor Crest Cautions Employers Against Making Wrong Assumptions Regarding FMLA Protection More >>
8/1/2014 14-156 EEAC’s Comments to Labor Department Ask for Further Clarification on Scope of Coverage Under New Obama Executive Order Increasing Minimum Wage on Certain Federal Contracts More >>
8/1/2014 14-155 EEAC’s Updated Guide to OFCCP-Enforced Contract Clause Requirements More >>
8/1/2014 14-154 EEAC’s Guide to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding OFCCP’s New Requirement To Solicit Disability Information From Current Employees More >>
8/1/2014 14-153 OFCCP Mails Second Round of “Advance Notice” Letters Targeting Another 1,500 Contractor Establishments for Compliance Audits More >>
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