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7/18/2014 14-147 Rare Bipartisan Agreement Leads to Favorable Congressional Action on Legislation to Overhaul Federal Job Training Programs More >>
7/18/2014 14-146 U.S. Supreme Court Wraps Up Current Term, Gets Ready To Consider Two Major EEO Cases Next Term More >>
7/18/2014 14-145 LGBT Groups Withdraw Support for ENDA, Urge President Obama to Address “Religious Exemption” Concerns in Upcoming Gay Rights Executive Order More >>
7/18/2014 14-144 OFCCP Posts New Set of FAQs on Corporate Management Compliance Evaluation (CMCE) Process, Overhauling Previous Guidance More >>
7/18/2014 14-143 EEOC Issues Revised Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination Issues, Asserts Employers Have Duty To Accommodate Pregnancy-Related Conditions More >>
7/11/2014 14-142 Third Circuit in Foglia v. Renal Ventures Opts for Easier FCA Bounty Hunter Standard, Creating 4 - 4 Split in Federal Appeals Courts More >>
7/11/2014 14-141 Ruling by California Supreme Court in Iskanian v. CLS Transportation Upholds General Validity of Employment Arbitration Class Waiver Clauses More >>
7/11/2014 14-140 Medical Marijuana Update: Nearly Half of the States Now Have Medical Marijuana “Compassionate Use” Laws More >>
7/11/2014 14-139 OFCCP’s Five Factor “Single Entity” Test For Asserting Jurisdiction More >>
7/11/2014 14-138 Federal Court Rules for OFCCP in Long Running Bank of America Case, Finds Company Consented to Audit More >>
7/3/2014 14-137 New Online Guide Explains ADA Title III Accessible Building Requirements for Commercial Facilities More >>
7/3/2014 14-136 House-Approved Amendment Would Deny Federal Contracts to Companies That Self-Report Certain Wage and Hour Violations More >>
7/3/2014 14-135 Labor Department Proposal Would Redefine Definition of Spouse Under FMLA Regulations To Include Same-Sex Marriages More >>
7/3/2014 14-134 Supreme Court Rules in Noel Canning That President’s Recess-Appointment Power Is Strictly Limited More >>
7/3/2014 14-133 EEOC To Seek Routine Three-Year Extension of Current EEO-1 Form, But Continues To Look at Mandatory Compensation Data Reporting in Future More >>
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