EEO Essentials for Recruiters Manual

EEOC and OFCCP Compliance Tool

EEO Essentials for Recruiters, recently updated, was developed specifically for company recruiters. It has valuable information explaining in straightforward language the critical relationship between EEO/affirmative action and the recruitment process.

The manual is built around "eight EEO essentials":

1. Know When to Call Your HR Professionals

2. Be Consistent in the Standards You Apply and Treatment of Applicants and Employees

3. Write It Down

4. Keep It Job-Related

5. Think Before You Speak

6. Know Your Market

7. Know Who Your Friends Are

8. Give -- and Take -- Credit Where It's Due

EEO Essentials for Recruiters is written in non-technical language, but explains some of the specialized jargon a recruiter is likely to hear used by those who work regularly in the EEO/affirmative action field. An entire chapter is devoted to the do's and don'ts of interviewing and is a must for recruiters at any company where recruiting is tied to building a diverse workforce.

This manual can be purchased in a hard copy format and is also available for purchase in a CD-ROM format which gives manual users much greater flexibility and efficiency in researching the manualís contents. The CD-ROM may be purchased for use on a single computer, or through a license that permits use on an unlimited number of stations or for installation on the companyís intranet.

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