Self-Audit Checklist

EEAC's Self-Audit Checklist is a compliance tool specially designed to provide companies with guidance in developing and implementing an OFCCP-compliant self-audit program, as well as foster compliance with other EEO requirements. The Checklist provides a comprehensive list of items that might be included in an audit, organized into seven general categories. Users can customize their self-audits by choosing only those Checklist items they wish to include.

EEAC's Self-Audit Checklist is organized into seven general units:

  • Reporting, Recordkeeping, and Notice Posting Requirements;
  • Hiring and Promotion Processes;
  • Adverse Impact Analyses in Selections;
  • Affirmative Action Plans;
  • Compensation Practices;
  • Employment Practices; and
  • Corporate Management Practices and Policies.
Each general unit contains an informative overview of the relevant items that might be included in an audit, as well as extensive cross-references to EEAC's recently updated EEO Resource Manual, which Self-Audit Checklist purchasers automatically receive at no extra cost. The Manual provides detailed guidance on how individual items should be audited, and what corrective actions would be appropriate if you believe you are not in compliance.

EEAC's updated Self-Audit Checklist is available for download in Microsoft Word® format via a corporate-wide license, and can be customized to suit a company’s particular needs. The license allows a company to reproduce the Checklist as needed to meet its requirements.

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