Looking for a practical and cost-effective way to deliver compliance training to hundreds or even thousands of your employees? Our Compliance in Action series can help.

EEAC’s Compliance in Action “micro-learning” series offers brief, interactive courses designed to help employees understand their workplace compliance obligations. Each course features practical content, professional narration, and real-world knowledge checks to help make sure key messages are being delivered and understood.

The Compliance in Action series is highly effective for training supervisors and managers, orienting new HR practitioners, and educating employees at all levels about the rules that apply in the workplace.


Workplace Retaliation

Teach employees at all levels how to identify, prevent, and respond to workplace retaliation.


Reasonable Accommodation

Explain the ground rules that apply when someone requests a disability or religious accommodation.


Workplace Harassment

Teach the key skills necessary to prevent, recognize, and address workplace harassment, including sexual harassment.



Fundamentals of Nondiscrimination

Talent Acquisition Compliance
Outreach and Affirmative Action



Employees of EEAC members can take any Compliance in Action course for just $19.00 per course, including tracking and reporting. Non-members can take any Compliance in Action course for just $39.00 per course.

Compliance in Action courses are also available for unlimited participant purchase, either hosted, delivered, and tracked by our learning management system or packaged and delivered for yours. Unlimited participant licenses are $5,000 per course for members, and $12,500 for non-members. EEAC members pay no additional fees for as long as they remain members. The non-member licensing term is two years.

Multi-course volume discounts are available. Contact Ed Sommers at
esommers@eeac.org or (202) 629-5613 for details.

Not an EEAC member? To learn more about membership benefits and services or to join EEAC, contact Blake Goldmerstein, Director of Membership Development and Engagement, at
bgoldmerstein@eeac.org or (202) 629-5696.


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